Can food be both healthy and delicious? Bowls, smoothies, veggie fries

Food and Wellbeing

Eating healthy and nutritious can sometimes prove to be a challenge.

Despite the growing trend towards eating more mindfully, it can still be challenging to fully embrace a new lifestyle. Whether it’s due to taste preferences, laziness, or lack of time, fruits, vegetables, and legumes are often overlooked in favor of quicker but less nutritious and balanced meals.

That’s why creative solutions are emerging to encourage us to incorporate more healthy foods into our diet.


Zoodles for a light first course

One of the first trends in this culinary revolution is zoodles, also known as zucchini noodles. Perfect for those who are intolerant to grains or simply for those who want to consume fewer carbohydrates, they represent a tasty solution for a light lunch that is different from the usual.

Spiralizing zucchini (as well as carrots, beets, squash, or sweet potatoes) can be a fun way to eat vegetables, especially when enjoyed as a classic pasta dish: zoodles are indeed delicious when paired with cherry tomatoes, basil, and ricotta, homemade pesto, or a tasty mushroom sauce.

Cauliflower-based preparations

Mashed cauliflower as an alternative to potatoes

Blending raw cauliflower and using it instead of flour to create a base for a dough is a healthy trend to incorporate more vegetables into your diet. Seasoned like a pizza or focaccia, cauliflower will certainly be more appetizing and delicious!

Thanks to its versatility and delicate flavor, chopped and sautéed cauliflower is also used as a substitute for rice in creating unique dishes, or simply mashed and cooked to prepare a delightful alternative to classic mashed potatoes.

Food bowls

Chickpea, kale, salmon, avocado, and dried fruit bowl.

Food bowls are a trendy and convenient way to get all the necessary nutrients to power through your day. By combining whole grains like rice, farro, or millet, legumes such as chickpeas, peas, or exotic edamame, seasonal vegetables, proteins like fish, tofu, eggs, and mushrooms, as well as healthy fats like nuts, salmon, and avocado, you create a balanced and satisfying meal. For those who enjoy it, hummus is often a beloved addition!

Smoothie bowls

Red fruit and seed smoothie

Indulge in a healthier and delicious option for breakfast or an afternoon snack with smoothie bowls. Blend your favorite fruits together, then top it off with seeds, nuts, and cereals.

Alternatively, you can choose a ready-made smoothie like the organic red fruit smoothie available in Asiago Food’s selection and customize it to your liking. Preparing it will be incredibly easy, and the outcome will be not only delicious but also visually stunning!

Overnight oats

Porridge con avena e mirtilli

A nutritious and increasingly popular breakfast option is overnight oats, which is a creamy oatmeal (porridge) prepared the night before and left to rest overnight. It’s a simple, delicious, and healthy way to incorporate fruits and unrefined grains into your diet.

Combine oats, chia seeds, and milk in a container to be left in the fridge overnight. The next morning, add berries along with some spices like cinnamon and a touch of honey.

Veggie fries

Veggie stick di melanzane e ceci Asiago Food

We absolutely love french fries… unfortunately, they’re not the healthiest option. That’s why there are some delicious alternatives available for those who want to mix things up!

Veggie sticks, or veggie fries, are tasty vegetable and legume-based sticks that resemble classic potato french fries in appearance. They are delicate and fragrant, making them perfect for any time of the day. Whether served with sauces during an aperitif, enjoyed as a midday snack, or as a side dish with main courses, they are sure to please both adults and children alike.

Have you had the chance to experience Asiago Food’s frozen veggie fries? We’ve crafted flavors like broccoli and chickpeas, eggplant and chickpeas, and cauliflower and chickpeas to cater to those who appreciate both taste and health, and enjoy adding diversity to their meals!