About us

We specialize in producing and distributing frozen and dried mushrooms, fruits of the forest, vegetables, ready meals, and organic food products.

We operate in the retail, foodservice and industrial markets, offering a constantly evolving range of products, in line with the highest quality standards and able to meet the needs of every customer.

We choose to exclusively work with high-quality raw materials to create delicious and natural products that combine the essence of authentic Italian cuisine with cutting-edge production methods and the advantages of quick-freezing.


Our origins

A long history in mushrooms

Asiago Food tells the story of wild mushrooms and berries brought to the tables of Italians, and it is the story of Monica and Massimo, the two founders still in the company today. A modern and ancient tale together, local and global, personal and communal, born over 30 years ago in the cultural and environmental context of the Seven Municipalities of the Asiago Plateau. A territory that, since ancient times, has made shared cultural identity and the enhancement of local specificities its strength.

Asiago Food was born with the idea of Massimo and his wife Monica to make the fruits of that territory, mushrooms and berries, available to people, initially in the area of the Seven Municipalities and later throughout Italy and the world, working passionately to create not just a simple linear supply chain, but a system in which each actor contributes to making the production process the final product. Asiago Food has grown signifi cantly since then, maintaining the same values connected with the local territory, the produce of the land and the local people. They have been so successful as to be able to integrate themselves into a culturally-similar new context: the silvopastoral communities of Bulgaria.

An untouched territory excellent for the qualitative and quantitative production of mushrooms and fruits of the forest. Passion, strong production and experience has brought the company to a position of market leadership in the frozen mushrooms sector. This has placed Massimo and Monica, as well as their numerous collaborators, engaged in the international promotion of the Asiago Food brand, in the role of ambassadors for Italian gastronomic excellence.

Our values

Our company philosophy revolves around placing the customer at the heart of everything we do, meticulously and passionately working on every single aspect of the business reality.

Embrace the genuine nature of the ingredients
Respecting the raw materials is the basic condition on which we build the concept of goodness and therefore also of naturalness. We choose to work our products according to nature, actively support organic productions, and commit to enhancing the territory in which we operate, keeping the environmental impact to a minimum. We believe in responsibility, understanding that what we build today, what we do, and the choices we make are crucial for the future of our planet.

Passion for quality
Our corporate culture is built on trust, transparency, and collaboration among individuals who dedicate their time to creating an excellent quality product, accompanying it on its journey to your tables. We establish our work through an ethical and socially responsible business model. We believe in the passion that drives our choices every day, in the shared pleasure of achieving common goals, and when this happens, we have our tastes of happiness.

Tradition and innovation
Our background is founded on strong pillars deeply rooted in tradition, such as family and ties to the territory. However, we recognize that evolution comes through change. In line with our long-standing philosophy, we embrace flexibility and the necessary drive to adapt to the ever-changing market landscape. That is why we continuously invest in Research & Development to drive innovation in our ingredients, technology, and processes.

Supply chain

A supply chain made up of people, places, products and know-how

Specializing in the collection, distribution and marketing of frozen wild mushrooms and berries, Asiago Food is now a high-quality company offering a wide range of genuine, tasty and natural products.

The selection of raw materials is always driven by the excellence of the product. We carefully choose every ingredient for our recipes based on the strictest controls carried out at collection centers in Bulgaria and at our Italian headquarters. Step by step, we have built an organizational growth system with dedicated individuals and constantly innovative technologies, taking into account both quality and sustainability aspects.

In our factory in Veggiano (Pd), the manufacturing cycle is constantly monitored in order to maintain high quality standards. We have a team dedicated to the quality control of raw ingredients, finished products and packaging. Extraordinary products that have become a fundamental part of our business, with numbers that confirm our position as the biggest Italian company in the mushroom industry: more than 10 tons of wild mushrooms collected every day, more than 2 million packs sold and distributed through the main worldwide distribution channels, in 30 different countries.

Sustainability is pursued through careful organization of work processes and conscious use of energy sources. With modern photovoltaic systems we meet a large part of our energy needs, with considerable savings in CO2 emissions into the environment.

Organic production

The natural integrity of the raw material

Asiago Food's collection areas and cultivations are located in Bulgaria, in ecologically protected lands entirely dedicated to agriculture and organic production. Here, under the supervision of Italian agronomists, high-quality forest fruits and porcini mushrooms are harvested.

An environmentally conscious harvest that prioritizes natural methods and materials, showing respect for the environment, people, and the entire production process. Refraining from using additives, chemical preservatives, and artificial flavors. Refusing technologies that disrupt the naturalness of the product. Ensuring that raw materials are as healthy and intact as possible. Human involvement should be supportive and supervisory. It is also a lifestyle choice, based on awareness and a connection with nature.

The history of organic farming is a realm of values that now intertwines ethically with environmental values, such as the promotion of local productions and the protection of the land. It also aligns with purely ethical and social values, such as legality, justice, and dignity. All our organic products, porcini mushrooms, wild berries, and cultivated small fruits, comply with the regulations of the European Commission and take into account the aspects of a conscious life philosophy that guides us in every single product, from harvesting to the convivial moment in the kitchen.


A philosophy of development, technological innovation and food safety

Innovation delivering quality

Our innovation journey involves creating new projects and formulations that offer food products in line with market trends, capable of satisfying customer needs and meeting the ever-growing demand from consumers for healthy, genuine, tasty, and environmentally-friendly products.

Our state-of-the-art production facilities, packaging, and packaging machinery are operated by specialized professionals to ensure optimal performance in terms of efficiency, production capacity, food safety, energy savings, and emission reduction.

Sanafrutta ™ technology

In order to ensure the highest reliability of our products, in 2015 we patented the process technology called SANAFRUTTA™. This technology utilizes a special treatment to eliminate the risk of contaminants in frozen wild berries, while preserving their sensory and nutritional characteristics.

Our Research & Development department has developed an exclusive and entirely natural sanitization process, utilizing leading research institutions for the scientific measurement of the applied results. An innovation that embodies the philosophy of Asiago Food.

Private Label

We produce for your brand

With over 30 years of history and expertise in production processes and nutrition, we cater to the Italian and international markets as manufacturers and suppliers for major distribution chains. We offer a wide range of private label products that align with customer needs and remain true to their brand values.

Each product is manufactured in our facilities using the finest raw materials and in strict compliance with food safety regulations, ensuring the maintenance of the highest quality standards. We tailor the recipe to customize every aspect of the product development, including ingredients, nutritional values, and packaging. We coordinate all project phases and monitor the product throughout the production chain until packaging and delivery, from cold chain management to quality service and post-sales consumer support.

Quality policy

The customer comes first

Customer satisfaction is Asiago Food's primary objective. We work hard everyday in order to ensure our customers receive top quality products that have been rigorously monitored throughout every stage of the supply chain.

Our Quality Plan pertains to the production, harvesting, processing, and packaging of products with the aim of enhancing the transparency and safety of raw material selection and the entire production process.

We carefully select the collection sites where our production site is located to ensure that the harvesting, processing, and freezing phases take place in accordance with the organoleptic characteristics of the product. The sensitivity of natural products necessitates a strict adherence to processing methods, encouraging all staff members to enhance the quality of company processes on a daily basis: sharing information and offering training to improve skills, investing in new technologies to elevate standards with the aim of ensuring food safety.


For a secure and high-quality product

Asiago Food has consistently demonstrated a strong commitment to the reliability of its products and consumer protection since its inception. As a result, the company has achieved the following certifications:

Oragnic agriculture certification
Reg. UE 848/2018

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Asiago Food has been dedicated to the principles of sustainable agriculture since it was established. In 2000, the company obtained its first organic certification from Bioagricert Srl, an authorized organization approved by the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies to supervise organic productions.

BRC Global Standard for Food Safety, Issue 9

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The BRC Global Standard for Food Safety guarantees the quality and hygienic-sanitary safety of products. It is an international standard whose main purpose is to strengthen and promote food safety throughout the supply chain.

International Featured Standards Food, Version 7

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The International Featured Standard (IFS) Food aims to facilitate the efficient selection of food suppliers for private label products in the retail industry, based on their ability to provide safe products that comply with contractual specifications and legal requirements.


A story of wild mushrooms and fruits of the forest born in the Asiago Plateau and exported worldwide.