5 October 2015

For people interested in vegan and vegetarian meals, ASIAGO FOOD presents a new line of inviting frozen burgers that are 100% veggies. These excellent products are crafted with a blend of quality ingredients and top-shelf culinary experience. Three different dishes burst with distinctive flavor:

  • Chickpea, vegetables and curry burger: all the colors and goodness of vegetables blend in a golden-brown chickpea burger subtly spiced with curry.
  • Chickpea, spinach and oat burger: tender spinach and flavorful chickpeas meet delicate oats for an incredibly mouth-watering burger.
  • Soy & mushroom burger with porcini: the unmistakable aroma of mushrooms and the delicate flavor of soy come together in these delectable burgers featuring porcini mushrooms.

Offered in two sizes, mini (about 19 g.) and maxi (about 72 g.), they are perfect as snacks for any occasion. Handy and quick to prepare, they offer an excellent choice for professional kitchens.


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