11 May 2017

Asiago Food has launched its first product from a new line of frozen Smoothies made with 100% fruit and it looks set to be a great success!

It was bound to meet approval given the growing demand from consumers for natural, healthy and organic products.

Entirely natural food from certified organic farms, but there is even more to it.

Smoothie are absolutely bursting with flavour. Ideal to take the edge off your appetite and stock up on vitamins and minerals!

Asiago Food has come up with this brand-new line of foodstuffs to bring to your table all the benefits of fruits. In the right dose, they will help to satisfy your sweet tooth, give you the energy to face the day and up your intake of essential vitamins and nutrients.

Our stellar smoothies are really tasty treats and deliver all the nutritional power of fruits ripened in the sun and tended on organic farms.

Asiago Food Smoothies: frozen fruit drops

Asiago Food Smoothies are easy to divide into portions and quick and handy to use.

The Smoothies can be enjoyed on their own by allowing the frozen drops to thaw out for a few minutes, but they can also be used a base for any recipe that calls for fruitiness.

You can use them in a plethora of different ways such as with fruit juices or squashes, cocktails and sorbets. Our frozen smoothies can also be used to create ice-creams, puddings and refreshing homemade ice lollies, to decorate cakes and fruit tarts, to stir into your favourite yogurt for breakfast or to make jams or compotes.

So delicious that there will be no going back!

Frozen Bio smoothie with strawberries, cherries, raspberries and lingonberries

Asiago Food’s Bio Smoothie brings you all the genuine goodness and fresh flavour of lush fruits from organic orchards.

A choice of wellbeing in harmony with nature!

Ripened strawberries, cherries, raspberries and lingonberries have all been carefully culled, prepared and instantly frozen to preserve the unbeatable taste and nutritive powers of freshly harvested fruit.

Find out more about the product here.

All benefits at a glance:

  • 100% organic fruit
    certified organic fruit from a monitored supply chain;
  • 100% natural
    free of colourants, preservatives or GMOs;
  • Healthy
    naturally rich in vitamins and antioxidant, with no added sugars;
  • Easy to use
    easy to divide into portions with practical frozen drops;
  • Versatile
    suitable for any occasion: enjoy it on its own or use it in a wide variety of recipes;
  • Safe
    our exclusive and completely natural sanitisation process SANAFRUTTA™ makes for totally safe consumption.

Watch this spot! Asiago Food will soon be back with new fruit combinations for your delectation!

Nuovi smoothie surgelati Asiago Food.

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