New! Asiago Food’s Frozen Fruit Smoothies

11 May 2017

Asiago Food has launched its first product from a new line of frozen Smoothies made with 100% fruit and it looks set to be a great success! It was bound to meet approval given the growing demand from consumers for natural, healthy and organic products. Entirely natural food from certified organic farms, but there is … Continued

New Asiago Food Veggie Burgers, dedicated to vegetarians and vegans

5 October 2015

For people interested in vegan and vegetarian meals, ASIAGO FOOD presents a new line of inviting frozen burgers that are 100% veggies. These excellent products are crafted with a blend of quality ingredients and top-shelf culinary experience. Three different dishes burst with distinctive flavor: Chickpea, vegetables and curry burger: all the colors and goodness of … Continued

SANAFRUTTA™: ASIAGO FOOD technology for food safety

23 April 2015

The Research & Development department of Asiago Food has created a new process technology applied to sanitisation, with the aim of reducing the amount of viruses and contaminants potentially found in berries. The process experimentation and certification phase has demonstrated how this sanitisation action effectively intervenes on all types of contaminants potentially present, making consumption … Continued

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